What We Promise:

  1. Customer Support. If you have any problems with your order, we are one message away from making it right. Any concerns you have. You have our word.
  2. If your order has not arrived within 40 days from when it was placed, then we will fully refund your order.

- Refunds & Returns -

 We offer a 14 day full refund guarantee on all orders, which starts once you have received your order. You are eligible to claim within that time frame for a full refund for what ever reason but if you do not then we will not be liable to refund you after that period.


- You have not received your order? For any order(s) placed we have a 40 day policy. If your order(s) have not been delivered to you within 40 day(s) from when you placed your order then we will fully refund the order for you. 

- Issues with the order(s) damaged items or items that does not fit the description or pictures advertised will be liable for a full refund. In order to qualify for this you will have to provide photographic evidence of the damaged or wrongly described said item. Then we will fully refund you without the need of returning the item(s).

- Wrong Size ? We always recommend choosing a size 1 larger than your usual fit, the reason for this is because all of our shirt's are manufactured in Asian sizes( which is one size smaller than regular sizing). If you have ordered a size which is to tight/small for you after not taking out warning/advice about sizing then we will not be held accountable to provide you with a full refund.



Returns: We realise the international shipping is not always cheap especially for yourselves that live on the other-side of the globe. For this reason we will not be liable to pay for any returns ordered from international customers.

Return Fee's 

For any returns that we are not held liable for you will be held accountable for paying the postage return fee(s). 


Return Address:


Please check the return terms and conditions for more information.