Can I Still Buy Old Football Tops ?

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This year, we finally officially launched our online store theretrosoccerlocker. It's took a lot if man hours & sweet but we're finally "flying".  From day one our content has kept on growing, gaining more attention and more attraction. 


Check out this short interview answered by Michael from theretrosoccerlocker.

Question:  So what dose your business offer exactly? Good question. 

Answer: In depth, we offer a solution to fans of football seeking out the old days or for some the golden days. In short we just sell retro football kits. 

Question: How many types of jerseys dose your store have in stock? 

Answer: We have over 60 different jerseys in stock. These jerseys feature some of the biggest teams in football and the best ever kit designs. 

Question: With this particular niche being so competitive what makes you different from the competition?

Answer: I think clear from the moment you set eyes on our store we stand out. The time and effort we have put in to ensuring nothing but the very best of standards are met. Our customer support is also a large contribution to this, we are always their for our customers if they are in need of help or have any doubts. 

Question: Do you think their areas of your business that needs improving?

Answer: Definitely. We are never satisfied and are also looking to develop certain areas, it's like being a shark in the ocean if you keep swimming in the same direction you eventually drown. An example of areas that need improving would be our email response time, we are starting to get more customers and our store being ran by a small team their's only so much one person can do in a day. 


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